Experimental Rocketry

STARGAZE is our third rocket. With this rocket we want to participate at the European Rocketry Challenge 2024 in Portugal. As we grew in our team member size and our experience with already quite powerful rockets, we decided our next step to show our rocketry to the world. It is a great opportunity to further push ourselves to develop better and bigger rockets. We started the development in October 2023. Our goal is to fulfil the requirements of the competition as well as to develop many new aspects of our rocket. The structure shall be for the first time made from carbon fiber. We develop our own flight computer, a battery management system as well as our own payload, a spin camera system. Our stats for the rocket and interesting pictures will follow with our progress. Stay tuned!

Altitude TBD
Mass TBD
Total Impulse TBD
Velocity TBD

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